I Figured Out A Cool Trick To Install Lighting Throughout My Home Without Paying Thousands Of Dollars
Jamie Hatthaway | Thursday, November 25, 2021

Recently, I was introduced to something that completely blew my mind.

You see, my friend Mary recently invited me over for lunch (and a little wine). I’d been looking forward to it, not only because it gave me an excuse to get out of the house, but also because Mary had just completed some kitchen renovations that I was dying to see. I’ve been in my house ten years now, and I was anxious to get some ideas in case I wanted to make a change.

When I saw Mary’s new cabinets, I could not believe what I was seeing.

There was lighting under all the kitchen cabinets. Not only was it beautiful, but it was functional. It really made the kitchen look like she spent a fortune on it.

Immediately, I decided I was going to have lights installed under my cabinets, too. It just made them pop. So, when I got home I started calling electricians to get some prices. But then, I went into sticker shock.

These guys wanted hundreds of dollars (and some wanted thousands) just to install the lighting. There was no way I could afford it.

I was disappointed, and frustrated too. But I’m a woman who figures things out. I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I wanted those lights and I knew there just had to be a less expensive way.

So, I did a little research and found that a new trend was sweeping the nation: DIY.

Well, this took me down the rabbit hole. I spent hours on YouTube watching DIY tutorials, and read tons of articles on how to install undercabinet lighting myself.

However, I have to admit, I’m not the best “DIY-er”...

While I can get by with a hammer and a screwdriver, these tutorials all wanted me to get into drilling and wiring myself… But, that’s just a little too much.

Was there such a thing as “easy” DIY lights?

Well, just as I was losing hope, I stumbled on what seemed like the perfect solution. I mean, this video might as well have been addressed to me… It was “Install Under-Cabinet Lighting in Under 30 Seconds… No Wires.”

Could it really be that easy? Or was it too good to be true…

Well, it had over 10 million views, so I checked it out. And, in literally under 30 seconds, they installed the lights. But now, all my hopes came down to one thing: the HomeLife Motion Sensor LED Lights. Would they work?

What is it?

The HomeLife Motion Sensor LED Lights adhere to almost any surface in the house, lighting up under-cabinets, staircases, closets, and much more. The best part? They’re activated with a sensor, so you don’t have to go fumbling around in the dark for them. They turn on as soon as you’re nearby.

The lights were originally made for a very specific purpose. The inventor came up with the idea because he wanted to light up his closet in the morning. He got up to go to work before his wife did, while it was still dark, and he didn’t want to turn the lights on and wake her… so he invented a way to see in his closet without disturbing her.

The lights ended up being so good, he started selling them to friends and family. And, well, now he’s selling out to millions across the country!

But, he’s not the only creative one. Even though he made the lighting system for his closet, people have been finding all sorts of uses for it around the house...

The HomeLife Motion Sensor LED Lights have a lot going on, so here’s a quick rundown of the features...

Peel and Stick: These lights are incredibly easy to use and were designed so that anybody can use them and easily install them. Each light has a strong adhesive fashioned to it. All you have to do is peel away the coating and place it on the wall… under your cabinet… in your closet… or wherever! No need for drilling holes!

Completely Wireless: No need for messy looking wires or the hassle of installing electricals

Smart Light Technology: Motion detectors turn the lights on automatically when there is any kind of movement within 10 feet. Then, they turn off within 15-18 seconds of you walking away, so you’re not wasting any batteries.

Uses Standard Battery: It uses common AAA batteries

Long-Lasting: Designed with battery quality optimization in mind, each light lasts up to 100,000 hours without needing a battery change.

Door Sensor: The lights automatically turn on when door open, turn off automatically when door close

Bright: Each strips has 10 LED lights in it, which absolutely light up a room.

Millions of Americans Are Finding Creative Ways To Use These Lights

Ever since I looked into these HomeLife lights, I’ve been seeing crazy buzz about them! In fact, they’ve sold millions of units since their public debut!

And, it’s easy to see why. The ways you can use them are practically limitless! (My favorite is along the baseboard… it makes going to the bathroom at night so much easier!)

  • Inside/Under Cabinets
  • In Closets
  • Along Staircase
  • In Basement
  • Along Baseboards
  • In Glove Compartment
  • In Hallway
  • Inside Drawers
  • In Garage / Tool Shed
  • In Pantry
  • And so many more!
But… Is it Really Worth All This Hype?

Since its public debut, HomeLife Lights have been constantly selling out! Every time they get some in stock, they get bought right up! And, most of these have been repeat purchases… meaning, people love them so much, they buy even more!

HomeLife has quickly developed a cult following. Here are some customer reviews:

GREAT Light for Kitchen Pantry & More

"I love these things! I just moved into a house that fortunately has a large kitchen pantry - but it was dark and cavernous (no light at all). It's immensely more usable now. I love how you open the door and instant on! Right now I'm only using one and it does a great job of illuminating the space, but soon as I get more AAA batteries going to add one more. Also plan to add some under cabinets in kitchen and inside the bottom cabinets. I'm really digging these and plan to buy more."

Very Powerful LED Strip

“I've never written a review before, but after the other night I feel compelled to write a review for these HomeLife LEDs. I came home to my apartment in a blackout. It was pitch black and I couldn't see 6" in front of me. I had bought a few of these lights and I use them in my hall closet for which they are perfect. I decided to take them out and use them to light up my home till I could find candles, and in the end, these ended up being all I needed as you can turn the light from auto to ON, and they completely illuminated my 12'x22' living room. These LEDs are amazing for the purpose they serve, and in my case they proved to be incredibly helpful in emergency cases.”

WOW! Amazing value, Cost Effective, and Efficient - VERY BRIGHT!

“Wow- I cannot believe how bright this is and the fact that I never have to change batteries is amazing. Very easy to install and an awesome alternative to the otherwise hundreds to thousands of dollar job to install better walkthrough lighting in my two family. My house was built in 1900 so any electrical job is going to be hefty. This is an amazing and cost effective solution. I am so happy - Literally took me about 3 minutes to install too. I will definitely be purchasing more of these for other solutions around the house.”
Now, I wanted to get a professional’s take on whether these HomeLife LED Lights would get me the look i wanted in my kitchen, so I talked to Harry Plumlee, a well known professional contractor in my city. Here’s what he had to say:
“I’ve been seeing more and more homes with the HomeLife LED Lights, and I can honestly see why. They work just as well as a professionally-installed lighting system, in fact, even better! Most professional systems don’t even have motion sensors. It’s a huge upgrade. Plus, people are able to get this sophisticated lighting system for practically nothing compared to what a professional charges. Normally, a job like that (under-cabinet lighting) costs around $2000. These are a great alternative for way less than you’ll pay a professional. But, be warned. I’ve seen a lot of cheap knockoffs claiming to do the same thing. The only one I can personally testify to working like it should, is the HomeLife Brand.”
- Harry Plumlee, General Contractor
After hearing his ringing endorsement, I was sold and needed to try HomeLife LED Lights for myself.

So, I visited their website and ordered five lights, and I had them within the week. When I took them out of the package, they had a nice sleek look to them and the materials felt solid and good quality. Now it was time to set them up, which was no problem at all. In fact, it was easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Insert AAA Batteries

Step 2: Remove the adhesive strip from the back of the light

Step 3: Stick the light to your desired location

Note: There is a magnetic strip that allows you to remove the light and easily re-attach it whenever you need to replace batteries.

Total setup time: 2 minutes!

The lights worked perfectly and looked beautiful. I am so proud of my kitchen... and of myself! I spent less than fifty dollars and got a thousand-dollar result!

Here’s what my kitchen looks like with the HomeLife LED Bars:

I loved it so much that I decided to order 20 more HomeLife LED Bars so I could use them all around the house.

The Closet - The closet is miles away from the overhead light and has no outlet nearby. I put them up along the top of the bifold doors, and they come on automatically when I open them. They shine bright enough to see everything in the closet, and when I close the door they turn off after a small delay.

For My Shoes - Great for lighting up my shoes at the bottom of the closet where its hard to see.

Hallway Lighting - I put two of these down my hallway and it’s so much nicer than having to turn on a light. I put them about 12-16 inches off the ground.

Stairs - Mounted 2 under the under the railing going down stairs about 5ft apart. Going down the stairs feels much safer at night.

Toilet Area - For when I have to get up and pee at night, I don’t have to turn the light on.

Perfect for the glovebox in my car


Used 2 to light up the liquor cabinet in my bar

UPDATE: So far, 6 months after, the light is just as bright as it was when it was first installed! Also, one of the things I was worried about was having to constantly change out the batteries. But, no worries there! I’m happy to say that I’m still on my first set of batteries and haven’t had to change them out yet.

Now, how much does it cost?

That was my first question when I originally heard about the HomeLife LED Lights. Normally, when things are fast and easy… they aren’t cheap!

But, I was so, so happy when I saw how cheap they actually were! And, especially when you compare them to the cost of hiring a professional contractor, there’s absolutely no bones about it… these lights are a bargain!

In fact, I was able to get a special discount (which I’ll share with you!) and I got all TWENTY of my HomeLife LED Lights for just $10 per light!!

Was it worth the price?

Absolutely. These lights have been a godsend… they’re easy to install, they light up the room, they last forever, and they just have so many uses! They’re even better than I thought they’d be!

As of Sunday, December 05, 2021, HomeLife is offering a special discount for US residents. But hurry, due to extremely high demand, HomeLife has sold over 3.5 million LED Bars and is frequently in and out of stock. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time first time buyer 50% discount. (Hint: These make great gift ideas for family and friends!)
To see if they are still in stock and if you qualify for the discount, click the button below.
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Jerome Pedro · Tacoma, Washington
Just got a new place and it came with a walk in closet but no lights inside. Ordered these and now, I can see inside my closet!! What I also like is that they are detachable so if i need to see something down below in my closet i just reach up and use it like a flashlight!
· Reply · 84 · 10:13 AM
Laura Sylvia · Los Angeles Lakers by Citizen Sports
I just got my lights, and am using them in my kitchen, I hate walking into the kitchen in the dark when half asleep and do not like a bright light turned on then either, and these work great for those middle of the night trips to the fridge!
· Reply · 38 · 5:10 PM
Erika Medie · Chicago, Illinois
I placed one on the 2nd from top stair and the other on the 4th from bottom stair in order to prevent accidental triggering from someone walking by the hall (no need for screws, velcro, tape, magnets, or anything!). After 2 months, this light bar is still kicking! Bright as the day we got it!
· Reply · 32 · 6:58 AM
Martin Fraley · Tucson, Arizona
Does this really work? If so, how does it compare to other led light options out there?
· Reply · 43 · 10:22 AM
Scott Richards · Perry High School, Perry, GA
YES! These lights are amazing! Works good for cabinets, safes, night stand doors and more. Seems well built and felt heaver than I expected because it's not all plastic. Good light output and coverage. Other LED bars i've tried are flimsy and easy to break, this one's a winner!
· Reply · 55 · 3:55 PM
Gladys Sanford · Worcester State College
I really like this light. The 20 second timer saves a lot of battery life, but the lights are plenty bright! No more losing myself in the closet for me!
· Reply · 22 · 6:44 PM
Clay Matthew Pirtle · Home Depot
I can say that I'm very pleasantly surprised that it works as advertised and has been very helpful in lighting up several "dark" closets. Had priced the cost of a electrician to wire in lights for me and was a bit shocked at the costs involved thus my experimenting with these lights, and I have no regrets at all!
· Reply · 18 · 7:55 PM
June Zukowski Spelman · Worcester State College
Just ordered 10 LED Bars! Some for my house and more to give as a gift to my parents!
· Reply · 24 · 7:28 AM
Roxi Overo · Tyler, Texas
I originally bought these to go in my closet, which has no overhead lighting or room for a floor lamp. I ended up loving so much that I got a bunch more to install in my kitchen and stairway!
· Reply · 24 · 9:48 AM